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I have a down to earth, engaged and proactive approach, listening closely and respectfully to what you want to focus on. We'll look for genuine, not superficial solutions which are relevant to your specific concerns.

My approach is not to look for disorder/illness but at how you're making sense of life. I want to draw out and strengthen the life skills/wisdom thatyou already have.

My therapeutic model (based on existential psychotherapy) is an integrative one which combines the constructive outlook of cognitive behavioural therapy with the depth of other approaches. It will challenge you but ultimately respect your unique approach to life.

Some of the questions we might be looking at are:

  • How have you made sense of your life experiences?

  • What's it like to relate to people/situations as you do?

  • What kind of view of yourself/others/life/relationships is implicit in the way you respond to various situations?

  • Are there any contradictions all of this? Are there new ways of making sense of your experiences?

  • What is important to you? How can you respect this?

  • What changes are possible and desirable in your specific circumstances? How can these be achieved?