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Online (Covid-19)

For most people, Covid-19 has had a huge impact, limiting what’s possible in daily life. Being confined to the home may be causing distress, alongside fears of the illness itself and/or direct experience of it. You may also be reassessing how you’ve been living up to this point and how you would like to live once lockdown is over.

I am working exclusively on Skype at present, with an option for new clients to either transfer to face to face sessions or continue online at the end of the lockdown. The only requirement for online sessions is that you go somewhere where you’ll feel reasonably confident that you can speak without being overheard or interrupted. Although it can feel strange initially not coming to the neutral space of the therapist’s office/room, I find that people who have never used video chat before adjust to it quickly. I myself will talk to you from my therapy room at the front of my house as I would were you coming to see me in North London.