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Couples therapy

In couples therapy I will encourage you to listen patiently to your partners experienceand to articulate and take ownership of your own experience, moving away from blame. The aim is for you

  • to communicate more openly and fully
  • to hear and understand each other in a fresh way
  • to gain increasing respect for both your own and your partner’s dignity and autonomy but also
  • to maintain an awareness of the impact of your actions on your partner
  • to understand what changes are possible, how these changes can be realised and what is not possible within the relationship


I work with a colleague - Thalia Martin - for couples therapy. Thalia is an accredited member of the National Counselling Society with over 20 years experience of working with people in psychological distress. She has a Diploma in Therapeutic  Counselling (Integrative) from the Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Academy.

Having two therapists working with you makes any kind of bias less likely and makes it easier to honour (whilst also carefully considering) both of your perspectives. It also adds a richness to the therapeutic imput that would be less likely with just one therapist.