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Social distancing

The slight easing of lockdown over the last couple of weeks and uncertainty about what the next steps will be are creating anxiety. You might be stretching the rules or keeping them more strictly. Perhaps you’re feeling guilt at being reckless or alternatively…

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Covid19 raises an almost infinite number of questions which go beyond the immediate medical crisis. One of these questions is: how can we make sense of the impact it's having on our lives from a psychological persepctive?

A number of therapists…

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What is trauma?

At the end of August, I finished a maternity cover post at the Regugee Council where I worked with female asylum seekers. A lot of the work was centred on trauma, in particular trauma which was the result of sexual violence. I was lucky enough to have…

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Emotionally abusive relationships

Arguments in which people occasionally say hurtful things to one another are a normal part of many relationships. Psychological abuse is something different. It’s a pattern of coercive or controlling behaviour which can include some of the following…

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Don't call yourself names

I've nearly finished reading a fantastic book called Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. One of the things that he argues is that, contrary to what we might think, we don't have a core essence that we know more intimately than anyone else does. We believe…

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